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Ava Profota


Ms. Profota has 30 years’ experience in the area of trauma & addictions—chemical dependence, sex and love addiction, dual diagnosis, codependence, financial disorders and trauma resolution.

As a therapist and manager for Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC) for 6 years, she facilitated trauma & grief resolution, relationships, family and parent groups.

She initiated the sex and love addiction group curriculum and clinically managed the Memorial Hermann Counseling Center and the sober living component of the PaRC as well.

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As a field instructor for UH’s Graduate College of Social Work she assisted in teaching social work students the basics of clinical social work and the advanced skills of chemical dependence treatment.

Her initial psychotherapy experience after graduate school was in the field of employee assistance programs where she learned to facilitate healthy work environments, teach stress management techniques and coach executives to expand their potential.

Ava is also a lecturer and workshop facilitator utilizing her exceptional experiential and intuitive skills to uncover and resolve underlying trauma.

Her 19 years of experience facilitating group process have refined her intuitive & experiential skills.

Ava has received training with world-renowned authors and therapists Patrick Carnes, PhD and Pia Mellody, and offers evidence-based, innovative therapy for the treatment of sex, love, romance and chemical addictions as well as financial disorders.

Ms. Profota’s former careers include 25 years clinical healthcare management as a respiratory therapist and wound care specialist utilizing Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.

She is also trained as a massage therapist employing intuitive touch. Her knowledge of chemistry, biology, physiology & intuitive touch combine to create deep insight into the human psyche, brain and body.

Dennis Profota

Recovery Coach

Specializes in working with alcohol, drugs, sex and love addicts, offering support, awareness, abstinence/sobriety, and harm reduction.

He is also available to support 12 Step processing and recovery best practices.

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