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Do you have a Fully Functional danger Filter?

Over the last 30 years, as I have engaged with individuals who have addictions, codependence, mental health issues or come from dysfunctional families; I have noticed that not only do they have difficulty assessing the level of danger in certain situations, they sometimes are shocked when the level of danger is explained to them and they realize how distorted their thinking has been.

The Essential Elements oEffective Sex Addiction Treatment


Sober Sisters Talk is a warm, smart conversation between M.G. and Elizabeth Pudwill about taking sobriety out in the world. These ‘two are not Big Book Thumping, black and white, singleness-of- purpose thinkers. These two savvy sober women have long term sobriety In multiple programs and bring their life experiences out in the open, dealing with tough topics such as “Is there a gray area?” “What’s a dating plan?” “Sex and sobriety” “Working multiple 12 step programs” “What is emotional sobriety?” and more. They are fun and direct, speaking straight to the point. And although they mostly agree they will tell you right off they do not agree on everything.

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