Inner Loop Counseling is an outpatient center specializing in treatment and recovery from multiple addictions—alcohol, drugs, sex, love, money, financial disorders, and trauma. Intimacy disorders are very common in our population. We utilize state-of-the-art, evidence-based techniques that enhance the recovery process. We also utilize the 12 Step model as the background of recovery and treatment. The focus of treatment and counseling is on the addict and the addict’s family.

Our Primary Trauma Intervention

Brainspotting is the most effective brain-based trauma intervention in the U.S. currently, according to a follow-up study conducted in September 2016 by the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation with the survivors of the tragedy. Brainspotting can reduce trauma symptoms by over 80% in 10-14 sessions & for many, 100%. Its effectiveness has had copious research with little to no side effects for most recipients.

I have personally worked with dozens of trauma clients over a period of 5-10 yrs with moderate to substantial success; however, when I used Brainspotting with the most difficult of them, the rapid results & relief were astounding! This is a very new technology & so there are few therapists trained in it around the country. We are so honored to be among the 5-6 Brainspotters in the Houston area. If you are suffering from trauma in childhood or as an adult; please find a Brainspotting practitioner even if it is not us. No one with Complicated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder should continue to suffer with this new modality available in the Houston area now. Please call us if you would like to try it. 713-680-8880

The Recovery Process

We know that including the family in the recovery process greatly enhances the chances for a full recovery; however, we know that some families are unavailable or unwilling to attend counseling with the addict. Research shows that there is usually underlying developmental trauma that can contribute to or exacerbate the addictive process; therefore, we also work with trauma and family of origin issues if present. We have found that the vast majority of our clients have more than one addiction and that the number of addictions correlates with the amount of trauma experienced as a child. Many of our addiction clients have experienced childhood abuse or neglect. Most of our clients are professionals who have experienced a life crisis that may have been caused by either trauma or an intimacy disorder.